The Beards of Merlin

"My friends have always been the best of me" -Eleven


how to seduce a boy:

Step 1: look deep into his eyes

Step 2: smile a little

Step 3: bite your lip

Step 4: lean in so your lips are right next to his ear

Step 5: “heil hydra”


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Happy 1st birthday to my tattoo! I feel like I’ve becoming significantly cooler with Gallifreyan permanently etched on my body. 

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harry potter meme ♔ seven relationships → harry & ron (1/7)

"He - well… He must’ve known I’d run out on you."

"No. He must’ve known you’d always want to come back."

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Rust Cohle - Seeing Things

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And Liz Lemon did in real life.

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